About Us

The 180 Degrees Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization providing specialized services for youth In addition to providing educational services for youth, the Foundation also supports other organizations that share our mission, vision, and performance outcomes.

The Foundation is a national organization serving secular and faith-based partners. Our headquarters is located in Salem, Oregon.


There is significant need in local communities for the educational and support services provided by the Foundation. Our primary focus is to provide and support innovative programs that help youth stay focused and prepared for school.

Research and national surveys demonstrate:

  • Too many youth live in poverty and single parent homes where the risk of quitting school or becoming involved in the criminal justice system is high;
  • A significant number of high school age youth make the decision to use tobacco, alcohol, and drugs;
  • Gang membership continues to grow and is spreading into rural America;
  • Many high school youth engage in behaviors that increase their likelihood of death and serious injury;
  • The average high school dropout rate both nationally and in many states, remains too high;
  • Youth that fail to graduate from high school are more likely to live in poverty, be unemployed, and in poor health; and,
  • Dropouts make up disproportionately higher percentages of the nation's prison inmates.

videoThe 180 Degrees Foundation was established to provide innovative educational programming designed to enhance the social-emotional dimension of all youth, and especially those that need us most.

Research has shown character education and social-emotional learning leads to improved attendance, reduced disciplinary incidents, and increased test scores and academic achievement. Students participating in social-emotional learning enjoy school more, foster better social relationships, and increase their attachment to school and motivation to learn. They are less likely to drop out and are more likely to stay out of the criminal justice system.

The Foundation serves to help youth enhance their lives by accepting personal accountability and to continuously strive to toward the goal of achieving their full potential.

Helping youth successfully navigate life ~ one degree at a time is our motto.

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of all youth including those living in disadvantaged, underserved and at risk circumstances, by providing them with personal learning opportunities focused on developing Self-Awareness, Self-Development and Social-Responsibility skills.

Our Vision

We envision a world:

  • Where schools, students, families, and community members work together to support the healthy development of all youth
  • Where all young people are engaged and active learners who are self-aware, caring and connected to others, and responsible decision-makers
  • Where all young people are achieving to their fullest potential and actively contributing to society

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