Supported Programs

The Foundation supports and offers social-emotional learning programs. The Foundation does not offer its own programming.

180 Degrees LLCThe 180 Degrees Program

The Foundation provides support to the 180 Degrees Program. We also offer this program to youth organizations. The 180 Degrees Program is a research based social-emotional learning curriculum targeting middle and high school age youth. Click on the links to the right to learn additional information regarding this comprehensive youth program.

About 180 Degrees Program

The 180° Program is broken down into three sections that allow participants the structure and time to develop their skills in the five key program elements.

1st Degree: Self-Awareness

Reflection and Evaluation Skills

Personal values; Character qualities; Empathy, integrity, responsibility, respect; Setting your personal compass; Evaluating personal values and character qualities

2nd Degree: Self-Development

Life Skills

Setting and achieving goals; Identifying and dealing with pressure; Being courageous; Regulating emotions; Resolving conflict; Developing fortitude and determination; Thinking critically

3rd Degree: Social Responsibility

21st Century Skills & Social Awareness/Responsibility

Understanding your environment; Collaboration; Teamwork; Technical fluency; Perspective analysis and evaluation; Creating and critical thinking; Negotiations and compromise; Adaptability and leadership; Citizenship; Community responsibility; Applying your compass in various situations (home, school, technology, community, work)

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